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An Old Flame

An old story of mine by the name of Coincidence has gone FREE on the amazon store for the next few days. It's only a few pages long and fairly terrible but it'd be great if you could give it a read and review, no matter what you think. Link HERE. Enjoy.

It was written by 16-year old me so please try not to be too cruel...

When Writing Goes Well

Looks like I'm doing pretty well this month. I've written just shy of 16000 words in two weeks on a 900 word/day target. I've slumped a little this week but last week was so good I can't bring myself to worry that much. I'm pretty proud of the book (though I'm going to have to go back and give it extensive rewrites due to me changing my mind on plot every 30 seconds).

The book itself is a modern-day fantasy - I'm trying my very best to make werewolves scary again, and I feel very much like I'm doing so. Once I hit a certain amount of page views, I shall post an excerpt.

It's scary, it's intense, at times it's funny...but most of all, it's very very gay.

P.S. I went professional and got myself a free domain name for the year! This blog can now be accessed via :D

Years Later

I'm revisiting this blog as my love for writing is slowly but surely making a reappearance. I went through years of writer's block, with the ideas just swirling around in my head but so half-formed that I couldn't put them on paper. I also had ideas that would never make a full novel but also never quite fit the definition of a short story.

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm in a completely different frame of mind, or so I hope. My writing is going well, I'm writing slower but much more steadily and I've actually gone back to preferring pen and paper over computers in order to write (this almost guarantees that I'll lose my notebook at some point and I'll lose months of writing).

My current story may take me years to write as I'm writing it at a rate of 1 page a day averaging about 180 words per page, but I'll get there this time and I know I have a solid story. I'm in a very happy place when it comes to writing at the moment.

See you so…