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NaNoWriMo 2017

Oh, dear reader. If I could print out all the unfinished novels consigned to the dustbin over the last 10 years or so of my life, the pile of paper would surely make a nice additional ceiling support, with some pieces left over for coasters and papier-mâché supplies. Hence, whenever National Novel Writing Month draws near, I feel a mixture of anxious trepidation. That feeling in my gut which means I know I'm going to attempt it again, and I know that I'm going to fail. My writing brain is simply not built to type out in excess of 1600 words a day, I struggle to write 200...and yet, I'll probably give it a go. It can't hurt...can it?

In 2015, I managed 12,000 words or so. In 2016 I managed a tiny 4,000. The problem for me is once I start to fail, I no longer want to carry on. If I drop behind on word count it sours my day, week, month. If I can keep to a disciplined 1600 words a day then I will be a very happy writer. The second that starts to slip is when my writing st…

Still Struggling to Write

Recently for a university project I was asked to write a short story of 1000 words. I sat down, started to write and within an hour that world had flourished on the page in front of me. Finally, I thought, I've got my writing mojo back. Even a few of my writing friends commented that I really had seemed to get myself out of the rut I'd been languishing in.

Alas, it was not to be. I've sat down twice to write in the last two days and nothing has fallen onto the page in front of me. The worlds I have in my head, just sitting there and waiting to be written down are resolutely refusing to move from their place and on to the page. I guess I've just got to really dig deep and find out what they want. I'm a slave to my ideas, not the other way around. One day I'll be sitting in a lecture and they'll tell me how to write them down in a flash, but until that day I can sit and type here, where the words always seem to flow.

A Project That Never Worked

I've decided to post an excerpt from a project that never happened. This book was mine, was my favourite until the day I decided it was no longer working. Here's Chapter 2. The characters deserve the limelight even if the story will never make a full book. Thanks for reading.

Chapter Two -Wolves in the City Nathan stepped through the portal and into an alleyway between two clubs. The air smelled of sweat, vomit and alcohol. Alasdair struggled through the portal with gritted teeth and John followed suit. Everyone but Nathan seemed to find it difficult to travel through the portals. To Nathan it was as easy as stepping through a doorway, but Alasdair had once described it like walking through treacle. He gathered his energy and slammed the portal closed as soon as the other two were through. “Seriously, do the voices never bother you?” asked Alasdair. “What voices?” asked Nathan, frowning. He could hear the sounds of talking and singing over the loud beat of the clubs, but his hear…

Characters in Search of an Author

Sometimes, characters leap out so much more than the story they inhabit. Some characters just won't stop talking until they're done being talked about...until the day, in my head, that they die. But some characters transcend death.

Let's talk about Alastair. He's tall, gangly, a pale and freckly ginger lad with a weird sense of humour. He's young, somewhere between the ages of 16 and 20. He's a bit of an orphan and manages to wrangle himself into any story I write. Alastair/Alasdair is always there. He's not ever a main character, always an unruly sidekick. But I love him. I'm in love with him. In every story, he will always be there. One day he may have a different name, a different face, but Alastair will always crop up in some way. Until the day I finish his story he will always be my character. my Character in Search of An Author.

One day, Alastair, I promise I will finish your story. Until that day I promise to give you the love and attention you s…

An Old Flame

An old story of mine by the name of Coincidence has gone FREE on the amazon store for the next few days. It's only a few pages long and fairly terrible but it'd be great if you could give it a read and review, no matter what you think. Link HERE. Enjoy.

It was written by 16-year old me so please try not to be too cruel...

When Writing Goes Well

Looks like I'm doing pretty well this month. I've written just shy of 16000 words in two weeks on a 900 word/day target. I've slumped a little this week but last week was so good I can't bring myself to worry that much. I'm pretty proud of the book (though I'm going to have to go back and give it extensive rewrites due to me changing my mind on plot every 30 seconds).

The book itself is a modern-day fantasy - I'm trying my very best to make werewolves scary again, and I feel very much like I'm doing so. Once I hit a certain amount of page views, I shall post an excerpt.

It's scary, it's intense, at times it's funny...but most of all, it's very very gay.

P.S. I went professional and got myself a free domain name for the year! This blog can now be accessed via :D

Years Later

I'm revisiting this blog as my love for writing is slowly but surely making a reappearance. I went through years of writer's block, with the ideas just swirling around in my head but so half-formed that I couldn't put them on paper. I also had ideas that would never make a full novel but also never quite fit the definition of a short story.

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm in a completely different frame of mind, or so I hope. My writing is going well, I'm writing slower but much more steadily and I've actually gone back to preferring pen and paper over computers in order to write (this almost guarantees that I'll lose my notebook at some point and I'll lose months of writing).

My current story may take me years to write as I'm writing it at a rate of 1 page a day averaging about 180 words per page, but I'll get there this time and I know I have a solid story. I'm in a very happy place when it comes to writing at the moment.

See you so…