Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Problems With Writing

I, like any other aspiring (or published) author can freely admit to having certain persistent, nagging problems with every story I write. I'd like to share a few with you today in the hope that someone out there suffers the same issues with their creative writing.

  1. Writer's Block: Like many writers, I occasionally suffer with the horrid situation that is writer's block. Unfortunately this is a rather common situation for me, one which I perhaps feel is more prevalent for me than for most writers out there because I refuse to pre-plan my work. I write what's in my head at the time it's being written and that isn't always good, as I tend to run off track a lot. This leads to plot threads going unsolved and thus my writer's block increasing as I don't know what to do with these plot threads that seem to run off into the distance. Plenty of famous authors have suffered writer's block, from Neil Gaiman to J.K Rowling, so you are not alone. My resolution to this problem = Plan, plan and plan some more. Even if you don't enjoy planning out chapters specifically, plan out a Beginning, Middle, End and you'll be just fine.
  2. Dialogue: I feel with my dialogue that it can go wrong in two ways. I either write too much of it to try and explain the plot and therefore my characters seem to babble excessively (I've even started to write said babbling in as a plot point) or the dialogue seems wooden and pointless. I know a lot of other people also have this problem but I was recently given some good advice which I'd like to share which is to get someone else to read to you the dialogue from your work in progress and if it doesn't sound natural then try again, or get someone to say the lines as you write (if anyone is willing) so you won't have to go through the stress of a rewrite.
  3. Missing Stuff Out: This is a much broader problem than the other two, and occasionally fits in with my first point about pointless plot threads. Sometimes I forget an aspect of a chapter and later write something that totally contradicts it. Sometimes I write so eagerly that I miss out words or letters, and it's particularly annoying, say if I mean to write 'the' and accidentally write 'he' as there's no red squiggly line to show my mistake. Resolution = proof read everything you write, and never trust a spell checker as it may correct your misspelt words to a different word altogether.

There we go then, my biggest writing problems. What are yours? What bugs you most about your own writing, be it creative writing or school essays? Leave your thoughts as a comment below.

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